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Utilities and Infrastructure

Access to energy, clean water and fresh air is vital to the quality of life in any community. Technology enables a municipality to better manage and conserve these precious resources. Sensors embedded in municipal water systems and trash bins allow monitoring to reduce waste. Over time, data can be used to develop new conservation programs and help communities make smarter decisions that ensure sustainable growth and development.

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Smart Lighting

Improves energy efficiency by using real-time monitoring to tailor lighting both for the variable use patterns in commercial buildings, as well as for illumination of roads and public spaces.

Smart Waste Management

Optimizing waste removal with sensor-enabled trash bins that notify sanitation crews when they are full, reducing costs and helping keep communities clean and safe.

Smart Water Management

Smart meters and leak detectors can reduce wasted resources, contribute to conservation efforts, and improve service and support for utility customers.

Smart Grid

Integral to the smart city infrastructure, these innovative electric grids can increase energy efficiency for businesses and consumers alike.

Smart Buildings

Technology can be used to monitor and control building operations such as HVAC, lighting and security to reduce energy consumption and provide the best environment for tenants.

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