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Public Safety

Public safety begins by preventing and de-escalating crime and other incidents whenever possible. Using advanced and secure video, sensor and communication systems to proactively monitor public spaces and police-encountered situations, communities benefit from increased trust in law enforcement and a more productive police presence. Investing in public safety lays the groundwork for constituent peace of mind and a stable, cohesive community.

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Visual Surveillance

Reduces crime by assisting law enforcement in identifying and apprehending criminals before they jeopardize public safety.

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Sensors embedded in critical infrastructure such as bridges and power plants monitor structural data to identify potential dangers, protecting citizens and the economic well-being of the city.

Police Wearables

Provides transparency and documented evidence to help resolve complaints, and promotes positive interactions that build trust between citizens and community officers.

Data Security

Ensures private and otherwise sensitive data that may be collected is safeguarded and accessible only to authorized individuals

Environmental Monitoring

Uses sensor technology, along with climate and pollution data provided by citizens, to better control pollution and reduce the costs and environmental impact.

Drone Monitoring

Sensor-equipped drones monitor vehicular traffic, crowds, construction sites and disaster areas to help document conditions and support first responders.

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