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Intelligent traffic management

Provides a comprehensive view of a city’s traffic in real time for fast incident response, and uses intelligent traffic signals to manage intersections, protecting pedestrians and keeping vehicles moving.

Creating a path to tomorrowSPECTRUM EXECUTIVE BRIEF

Intelligent traffic management solutions can enable municipalities to reduce traffic congestion and travel times while promoting the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Improving Commute Times, Reducing Congestion and Enhancing SafetyANALYST BRIEF

Effective implementation of intelligent traffic management systems in a smart city can have a positive economic impact, help to accomplish traffic enforcement objectives, and contribute to meeting environmental objectives.

What is Intelligent Traffic Management?Analyst Brief

There are numerous benefits of intelligent traffic management systems for cities and drivers, as well as anyone who uses roadways including pedestrians, cyclists, bus transit passengers and passengers in taxis, ride hailing and other vehicles.

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