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Intelligent Transportation

Improving transportation times is one of the foundational building blocks of a smarter city. Data analysis and traffic pattern monitoring enables real-time responsiveness that can alleviate road congestion as incidents arise. Safer roadway systems that operate more efficiently and reliably encourage interest in the use of public transportation, helping reduce your city’s overall carbon emissions and increase productivity previously lost to long commutes.

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Intelligent Traffic Management

Provides a comprehensive view of a city’s traffic in real time for fast incident response, and uses intelligent traffic signals to manage intersections, protecting pedestrians and keeping vehicles moving.

Connected Vehicles

When vehicles, pedestrians’ smartphones and roadside devices such as traffic lights are communicating with one another over WiFi, it can lead to improvements in safety, mobility, emergency response times and carbon emissions.

Smart Parking

Drivers can find vacant parking spots using sensor-based vehicle systems. These systems—in addition to reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions—can provide data to the city to guide planning, increase parking space turnover and assist in violation collections.

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