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Economic Development and Civic Engagement

A digitally connected city can improve the lives of all its constituents. By empowering a strong, civic-minded community and increasing economic activity, we can create stable, engaged communities that offer greater opportunities for everyone. Residents, local businesses and community leaders can unite to build the cities they envision: a vibrant place to work and liveā€”one that every resident is proud to call home.

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Connected Communities

Enables more civic participation and engagement to generate a positive environment for community and economic development.

Digital Government

Provides collaborative digital platform tools so citizens have an easy, safe and secure method of interacting with local government from any Internet-connected device.

Open Data

Facilitates equal access and rights to information from the city to the public, using strong data safeguards and protections.

Smart Kiosks

Interactive public kiosks with free WiFi, wayfinding, public information and access to emergency services, so residents and visitors can easily and safely navigate the city.

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