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St. Petersburg, FL

Smart lighting brings brighter futures for cities

St. Petersburg Innovation District is a designated area adjacent to downtown St. Petersburg with members from that area, as well as across Pinellas County. The District has a vision to harness the potential of people, institutions and businesses in the St. Petersburg area in order to generate collaborative solutions that will benefit the world. In doing so job growth, economic development and learning and inspiration is fostered.

US Ignite, a non-profit organization seeking to accelerate the smart city movement, and Spectrum announced the selection of St. Petersburg as a Smart Gigabit Community, with the St. Petersburg Innovation District serving as the convening partner.

The St. Petersburg Innovation District will oversee the delivery of technology advancement and economic development in the international smart city program starting with a Smart Lighting solution.

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As the executive director of the St. Petersburg Innovation District, Alison Barlow is dedicated to making her Florida city a place that incubates ideas and nurtures entrepreneurs. That can only happen in a smart city. Read how St. Petersburg is leveraging smart city projects, including smart lighting, to attract the brightest talent.

Satya Parimi, Spectrum Enterprise GVP, looks to leverage the connectivity options cities have, and help bring true partnership for city leaders to reach their smart city goals. Read his thoughts on how Smart Lighting delivers a positive impact across a city from energy savings to additional revenue streams, and how it can be rolled out in your municipality.

Bill Wallace is the executive director of US Ignite, a nonprofit organization that works with local executives and elected officials on smart city projects. In his role, he’s often asked how cities can best pursue these projects. Read his answers to the most common questions.

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