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San Diego, California


San Diego had not invested in its infrastructure in several years. It was time for the city to modernize its infrastructure and image using connected technology. The city was also focused on sustainability, climate action, and selecting technology that met more than one infrastructure goal. Smart lighting was just what they needed.


In what's been dubbed the "world's largest smart city sensor platform," the city modified existing streetlights with sensors to turn them into intelligent data collection tools. It retrofitted approximately 38,000 light fixtures with energy efficient lighting, and, out of that number, 3,500 are currently equipped with advance lighting control systems to monitor and manage lights remotely. In analyzing the data collected, energy usage has already dropped by 60 percent. Based on the success of the initial investment, the city installed intelligent nodes to 50 lights and will use this data to help identify vacant parking spots and monitor temperature, humidity and other air characteristics.

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