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Kansas City, Missouri


In its effort to become one of the smartest cities in the U.S., Kansas City reinvigorated a 2.2 mile stretch of its downtown area with a streetcar line, public WiFi and digital kiosks for easier wayfinding. As the area attracted more visitors, pedestrian and car traffic intensified, and the city needed to find an intelligent solution to managing the increasing traffic.


The city installed dynamic traffic signals and close to 180 sensor-enabled streetlights that monitor traffic movement and adjust traffic lights. Specifically, an adaptive signal system actively manages streetcar and motor vehicle traffic along the 2.2-mile streetcar route and has reduced average northbound/morning peak commutes by about 30 percent. In addition, Hybrid Pedestrian Beacons (HAWK signals) now safely manage pedestrian traffic in higher-speed roadway areas. The city's network provides real-time data on parking spots and streetcar locations, and drivers can use a connected app to check for open parking spots along the streetcar line or see intersections with heavy traffic or gridlock.

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