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Spectrum delivers the communications infrastructure for cities today

As a trusted technology partner, Spectrum helps you accomplish your mission-critical goals—at home, at school, at work, on the go and in the community. We deliver connectivity solutions that are the foundation of today's communications infrastructure and tomorrow's smart cities.

Your city is already a gig city

  • Infrastructure supporting your community.

  • Two-way, fully interactive digital network over 840,000 miles of network infrastructure.

  • Offering gigabit connections to more than 50 million homes and businesses with plans to offer across our entire service area by the end of 2018.

  • Up to 100 Gbps symmetrical speeds for enterprise clients, including large institutions such as government.

  • We provide over 350,000 Spectrum WiFi hotspots across the nation and will soon add 5G and 802.11ax technology, which is capable of 1 Gbps wirelessly.

  • Spectrum Mobile is built on one of the country’s largest LTE cellular networks and also takes advantage of our nationwide network of WiFi hotspots.

In the community

Healthcare: Coordinated care that is connected, secure and compliant—improving patient experience and outcomes.

Hospitality: Connectivity and entertainment solutions that enhance guest experience and inspire loyalty.

at work

Data: Scalable broadband, dedicated Fiber Internet Access, Ethernet, Networking and Managed Services.

Television: High-quality HDTV services with customizable programming.

Voice: Reliable business phone, Enterprise Trunking and Hosted Communications.

Cloud: Customizable Managed Application, Cloud Infrastructure and Managed Hosting Services.

at school

Television: More HD channels and educational on-demand programming.

Data: Fast, reliable connectivity in support of growing digital curriculum needs throughout your district.

on the go

Mobile: High-value, competitive mobile service launched in 2018.

WiFi: Wireless access throughout your community.

at home

Television: More HD channels than any other provider.

Internet: High-speed connections with no data usage caps.

Voice: Reliable service without added fees or dropped calls.

We’re continuing to invest in your community

Spectrum is continually investing in your community by increasing the capacity and capabilities of our network to meet the growing needs of households and businesses. We're upgrading to an all-digital network and providing Gig speeds to all households and small businesses. We're increasing the density and depth of our dedicated fiber network to serve the mission critical needs of larger businesses.

Keeping you ahead of the curve

Spectrum’s investment in new technologies and network infrastructure will provide the right connectivity framework for communities to take advantage of new and innovative smart city services. Our network already enables smart city services in some communities and, as more communities embrace the potential of these services, Spectrum can be a reliable partner to deliver them.

  • Investing $25 billion in infrastructure from 2017-2021--including more than one billion dollars for each of the last two years to improve and enhance our fiber network.

  • Spectrum is conducting field trials on new technologies like Citizens Broadband Radio Service and 5G to ensure we can complement current Gig+ landline broadband services with Gig+ speeds on wireless.

Let's collaborate

on ways to deliver tangible benefits to your city

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